Market Profile: Organic IQF Strawberries produced in Argentina

The strawberry is a fruit of exceptional properties which can be consumed fresh, dried, canned or frozen. The strawberry belongs to the family Rosaceae and the genus Fragaria. The most important varieties in Argentina are: Milsei Douglas, Sweet Charlie and Camarosa. Their social culture is of great interest because of the high labour requirement in production field, crop, packaging and freezing industry. From a regional economic perspective, it is very important for the added value they can get because of their quality for industrialization and export.

International overview

From the global production of berries, 60% are strawberries. According to FAO, world production of strawberries now exceeds 4 million tons, accounting for 80% in ten countries, being the main producing countries in tons: the United States, Spain, Russia, Turkey and Poland. “The major importers are Germany, France and the United States, which account for 60% of international demand” Gonzalo Avila – Greemt,North America Manager

Although Argentina is not within the major producers, the country has approximately 1800 hectares planted with yields ranging from 20,000 to 50,000 Kg / Ha.

The production stretches throughout the year and is concentrated in the provinces of Santa Fe, Buenos Aires and Tucumán with production characteristics well defined :

North: covers the regions of Tucuman, Coronda, and Corrientes, its production is in winter and spring.

Central: Located in La Plata, Buenos Aires, and Mar del Plata, his production goes from spring to summer                                .

South: Behold Mendoza, Neuquen, La Pampa and Patagonian provinces, the period of summer-autumn production.

IQF Frozen Strawberry 

The frozen industry in Argentina is excellent and with high quality. In Argentina, a high percentage of production goes to frozen type. For example, in Tucuman, this percentage reaches 70% of the total, and Coronda reaches around 60% of total production.

United States is the main destination of frozen strawberries from Argentina, representing 58% of the total scoring, followed by China, Brazil and Canada making the rest to reach the 90% of exports from the country. From the 85.326 tons imported in United States the last year (2010), 75% were from Mexico, 9% from Chile and only 6% from Argentina. It shows the big opportunity that has the country to increase the commercial flow between USA.

What is the freezing IQF?

IQF stands in English means “Individual Quick Freezing” or individually quick frozen. This process of rapid freezing allows ice crystals that form inside the tissue cells are very small. This will prevent the cell walls that make up plant tissues are broken. Therefore, when defrosting the product shows no cellular fluid spill, which guarantees a texture, nutritional value and taste the same as a freshly harvested product.

The substantial difference between freezing IQF and slow freezing is the size of crystal formed. In the second crystal is so large that breaks the cell walls, allowing leakage of internal fluids and hence a deterioration in texture, flavour and nutritional value.

Additionally, the use of this process ensures that products do not require any chemicals or preservatives for preservation. Importantly, thanks to the dramatic changes in temperature significantly reduces the presence of microorganisms.

Our production 

Greemt Organics and Finca Las Brisas, has its own organic strawberry production in the region of Coronda.

The farm produces fruits and vegetables, all premium quality and Carefully Collected and processed by hand. It’s place 9.3 thousand (15 km) North of Santa Fe city. All of our production has a full organic certificate for American and European Markets, and a kosher certificate as well. There are 80 hectares of rich soil s, which allow cultivating the best organic products.

As it is an organic production, it must be prevented by plant associations, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli and other flowers to protect the strawberry production in a natural way against pests.

The long history of the property in the area of Coronda as a producer of strawberries has led to the development of a highly skilled production, a situation that makes us to get a fruit with unique characteristics as a result of agro-ecological conditions and cultural rights in a and characterizing unique combination.

The consequence of this uniqueness in the area was the emergence pioneer PDO “Strawberry from Coronda”, strategy agro-food quality and legal instrument of differentiation.

Coronda cultivates 500 ha, of which most are of the variety Camarosa, which “short day” originated at the University of California with outstanding climatic adaptation, the result of exceptional quality and flavour and good tolerance to diseases, which brings benefits in deciding for organic production.

Our company production is almost 80% to frozen type for export markets (retail and bulk), with the benefit of owning in the same property with static IQF tunnel itself, just yards away from where the cherry are picks, shortening the period since the harvest, stemmed and frozen.

Our enterprise’s commercial strategy is to produce the different varieties of fruit and vegetable horticulture according to the market demands, focusing on a particular fruit, the organic strawberry.

Did you know? 

Strawberries for your brain. Strawberries are good for the brain as food are a major source of vitamin C (providing 150% of daily energy) and have antioxidants that help the healthy functioning of the brain. In addition, different studies have shown that antioxidants of strawberries you can take care of Alzheimer’s, as they protect the cells in your brain.

Gonzalo Avila – North American Manager


About greemtorganics

Greemt is a global company specialized in the international trade of organic products. We work with producers from Argentina and Spain, who are fully certified organic according to international standards and are willing or are already exporting. Our differentiating factor is the dual physical presence in Argentina and in Europe, allowing us to be in direct contact with producers and potential worldwide buyers to drive the organic market. Our main objective is to provide quality and safety in organic products, facilitate commercial flow and establish solid relationships between organic producers and buyers, in order to generate business with high revenue.
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  1. Tengo fábrica de conservas ecológicas en Murcia (España) y estoy interesado en comprar FRESAS CONGELADAS IQF y otras frutas, pues elaboro mermeladas y zumos.
    un saludo.
    José Manuel Abellan Lucas
    Tel. 0034-968379216 móvil: 0034-659197122

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