Peru’s organic exports rise 48.3% in Q1

Peru exported US$46 million worth of organic products in the first quarter of 2011, representing year-on-year growth of 48.3%, website reported.

The statistics released by export and tourism commission Promperú, showed bananas made up more than a third of organic exports with a value of US$17.9 million.

The second-highest organic export was coffee with a value of US$16 million, representing a 119.4% rise on the same period last year, the story reported. Cocoa was third-highest product with a total value of US$5 million.

Other organic products showed strong growth in the quarter such as mangoes with 35.6% growth to US$3 million, passion fruit with 3,127% growth to US$94,000 and asparagus with 649.3% growth to US$242,000, the story reported.

Peru’s organic bananas made their entry into the Korean market, while organic mangoes and quinoa were exported to New Zealand.









About greemtorganics

Greemt is a global company specialized in the international trade of organic products. We work with producers from Argentina and Spain, who are fully certified organic according to international standards and are willing or are already exporting. Our differentiating factor is the dual physical presence in Argentina and in Europe, allowing us to be in direct contact with producers and potential worldwide buyers to drive the organic market. Our main objective is to provide quality and safety in organic products, facilitate commercial flow and establish solid relationships between organic producers and buyers, in order to generate business with high revenue.
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