6 tips for building a break-out natural product brand

Any company can redefine its branding or advertising approach? Does yours need a facelift?

Many companies within the natural product industry could use a branding facelift.

“If you look at the natural space, everyone is doing, saying and behaving in pretty much the same way,” Once brands in this industry reach a certain size, they tend to start to behaving rationally and forget the emotional piece.”

Any company can redefine its branding and advertising approach, whose company has worked with such brands as Starbucks, CLIF Bar, Cleanwell, Nestle and Pinkberry.

We offers these brand-building tips for natural, organic and healthy products companies:

1)      Define your purpose: A company’s reason for being drives its point of differentiation and should be infused within its branding and marketing. “This has to be the first step in defining the foundation for your brand,”.

2)      Get to know your customers: “Really understand what makes them tick,” “Don’t just assume they are LOHAS moms with kids.” Once you know your customers, you can build connections with them.

3)      Analyze the “enemy”: “Understand what you are pushing up against,”. “It could be a societal trend like obesity or an institute like fast food. Identifying the enemy is a great tool for discovering how to be different.”

4)      Focus on your origins: Think about your origin story—not only about how your company was started, but also where your ingredients come from and the relationships you have with your suppliers.

5)      Tell your story: Once you’ve crafted your brand story, figure out how to tell it in the most compelling way possible. “Often times companies want to jam everything on their packaging, but that often doesn’t work,” .“Figure out how to judiciously use the tools available to you to effectively engage consumers.”

6)      Be passionate and authentic: “The world doesn’t need another food brand, another drink or bag of chips,” .“What consumers totally relate to is passion and authentic companies that are bringing something of value to the world.”

Text: New Hope 360


About greemtorganics

Greemt is a global company specialized in the international trade of organic products. We work with producers from Argentina and Spain, who are fully certified organic according to international standards and are willing or are already exporting. Our differentiating factor is the dual physical presence in Argentina and in Europe, allowing us to be in direct contact with producers and potential worldwide buyers to drive the organic market. Our main objective is to provide quality and safety in organic products, facilitate commercial flow and establish solid relationships between organic producers and buyers, in order to generate business with high revenue.
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