BioFach Japan 2011: Organic sector looks ahead

BioFach Japan 2011: Organic sector looks ahead photo: NuernbergMesse

BioFach Japan invited the international organic sector to Tokyo for the eleventh time from 1–3 November. 16,119 (2010: 17,132) visitors poured into the Tokyo Big Sight Exhibition Centre for the biggest Japanese exhibition for organic and natural products, green cosmetics and eco-textiles.

The interest in healthy food and the demand for organic food were particularly large this year. The interested visitors at BioFach Japan received information from 168 exhibitors, who travelled from 10 countries.

“Last year’s BioFach Japan impressed with its most successful edition ever,” says Frank Venjakob looking back a year to 2010. “Whereas we welcomed more exhibitors and visitors to the 10th birthday than ever before, we faced a totally new situation this year. The natural disaster in the spring has created unimaginable challenges for the whole country. Like many international events in Japan, the exhibition was slightly smaller in terms of exhibitors, but the stream of visitors on all three days confirmed the currently keen interest in organic products in Japan. The desire of many consumers for uncontaminated food has grown immensely, so mainly trade buyers poured into the exhibition. On the other hand, this helped to provide good-quality talks for the exhibitors.”

Petra Wolf, Member of the Management Board of NürnbergMesse, adds: “BioFach Japan faced a very special situation this year – the organic sector used the biggest Japanese exhibition of this kind mainly as a platform for communication and exchanging views. But the solidarity of the organic players and their mutual efforts to look ahead were also noticeable. We as organizer of BioFach Japan also contributed towards this: Together with our patron, the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM), we launched a fund-raising project at BioFach Japan to support the organic farmers and their families affected in the Tohoku region. The aim of this project is to make organic farming land reusable. NürnbergMesse has also donated 100,000 yens to this fund.”

New hall layout retained

The themes redesigned for last year’s BioFach Japan proved their worth and also enabled the over 16,000 visitors to easily find their way around the four theme worlds and obtain information from the exhibiting companies again in 2011. The food exhibitors gathered in the Organic Food Gallery, and natural cosmetics – a segment that is attributed very good development prospects in Japan – were presented in the Vivaness Cosmetic Parlour. In the associated special area, a tester counter, Asian buyers used the opportunity to obtain an overview of the products in peace and quiet and then test them. Visitors gathered information on the second non-food range, natural textiles, in the Organic Textile Street, and the Natural Eco Plaza formed the fourth area at BioFach Japan. This special area with somewhat simplified admission criteria gives manufacturers of natural food and natural products the opportunity to present them to the visiting professionals.

The well-attended congress parallel to the exhibition attracted many interested visitors to the seminars on organic food, natural cosmetics and natural textiles, which were held in the conference rooms of the Tokyo Big Sight Exhibition Centre.


About greemtorganics

Greemt is a global company specialized in the international trade of organic products. We work with producers from Argentina and Spain, who are fully certified organic according to international standards and are willing or are already exporting. Our differentiating factor is the dual physical presence in Argentina and in Europe, allowing us to be in direct contact with producers and potential worldwide buyers to drive the organic market. Our main objective is to provide quality and safety in organic products, facilitate commercial flow and establish solid relationships between organic producers and buyers, in order to generate business with high revenue.
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