EU approves stevia from the start of December

A new EU directive allows the use of stevia with effect from 2 December 2011. As reported by the German online portal of Lebensmittelpraxis, the scientist Udo Kienle rates the decision as an important step, but not a breakthrough.

Although stevia could replace up to 30% of the sugar used in products like yoghurt, sweets, lemonade, jam and ice cream in future, there are also restrictions to be observed. For example, the maximum daily dose of 4 mg per kg of body weight must not be exceeded. Growing stevia on an agricultural basis has not yet been approved. The sugar producer Nordzucker has announced its intention to sell stevia and combination products with sugar after 2 December. Kienle has carried out 30 years of research on the plant originating from Paraguay, which has a strong taste of its own. This taste is ultimately not desired and is to be eliminated.

Text: Oneco


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