• Dual physical presence in Argentina and Europe.
  • Overseas commercial representation, sales and promotion.
  • Purchasing agents / Supplier follow up on origin.
  • Representation in International Fairs.
  • Assessment on internationalization process / strategy.
  • Identification of your company potential trade partners: producers, importers, agents, distributors, customers, wholesalers and consumers.
  • Logistic  services


  • Market research: trends, statistics, company’s profile, retailers and customers.
  • Market and revenues forecasts for the organic industry
  • Market shares of leading producers, importers and retailers
  • Business consulting and business plans.
  • Market strategies and business growth strategies
  • Recommendations on business opportunities on the organic industry
  • Product specifications: standards, quality grades, ideal requirements
  • Pricing information


  • Business prospects assessment
  • New product development and launch
  • Product positioning and branding
  • Sales channel expansion and diversification
  • Green marketing strategies
  • Awereness Campaings for the organic market


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