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Organic beekeepers call for moratorium on genetic engineering in Mexico

The second international conference for organic beekeeping and experts on bees and honey took place from 19 – 25 March 2012 in San Cristóbal de Las Casas in southern Mexico. With over 400 participants from 24 countries, the practical courses, … Continue reading

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EEC- The MOPN 810 maiz pollen does not constitute a health risk in comparison with a non modified ones

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This is a statement of the European Food Safety Authority Abstract In this statement the EFSA GMO Panel  responds to a request from the European Commission  on whether data provided within application RX-MON810 on maize MON810 are sufficient to conclude … Continue reading

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Honey, EEC – the commision is in an embarrassment situation with the GMO in honey

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The European Commission’s reputation for neutrality and impartiality is at risk following rulings on GM honey and battery hen cages A judgement by the European Court of Justice on contaminated pollen in honey has thrust the issue of genetically modified … Continue reading

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EEC – Potential costs arising from GM honey ruling

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A recent GM honey ruling could have huge cost implications for the European food industry, with the UK’s food safety agency calling for greater clarity from Brussels on the interpretation of the European Court of Justice’s decision. September saw the … Continue reading

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EEC – Fail the Top European Court on the Issue of Genetically Modified Corn Pollen. What is your position?

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The press release issued by the Court of Justice of the European Union begins:  “Honey and food supplements containing pollen derived from a GMO are foodstuffs produced from GMOs which cannot be marketed without prior authorisation ” adding below that  … Continue reading

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