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Organic beekeepers call for moratorium on genetic engineering in Mexico

The second international conference for organic beekeeping and experts on bees and honey took place from 19 – 25 March 2012 in San Cristóbal de Las Casas in southern Mexico. With over 400 participants from 24 countries, the practical courses, … Continue reading

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NEW: Honey Importers & Exporters at Linkedin

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If you are looking for Honey Importers Worldwide or if you need export your honey, join the new “Honey Importers & Exporters” Group at Linkedin, following this link: http://www.linkedin.com/groups/Honey-Importers-Exporters-4048150?goback=%2Eanp_4048150_1327498020050_1%2Eanp_4048150_1327498020051_1

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EEC – The economic implications of the GMO court decision to the european beekeepers

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The GMO Safety organisation from Germany says the fact pollen is now classified as a food ingredient could have ‘far-reaching’ consequences for beekeepers and the food industry, In future, pollen must be included in the list of ingredients, meaning every … Continue reading

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EEC – The decision of the EU on the produce GMOs in honey will produce the destruction of the bees of the World

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Article written  by Arturo Hatrick of Apitrack Due to the request of a german beekeeper, who found himself affected due to the fact that the pollen on his beehives contained OGM which came from a near cornfield planted with a … Continue reading

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EEC – Fail the Top European Court on the Issue of Genetically Modified Corn Pollen. What is your position?

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The press release issued by the Court of Justice of the European Union begins:  “Honey and food supplements containing pollen derived from a GMO are foodstuffs produced from GMOs which cannot be marketed without prior authorisation ” adding below that  … Continue reading

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